ALS Advocate of the Month

We at ALS in the Heartland are introducing a new feature in 2012 – ALS Advocate of the Month.  We hope that sharing the great efforts made by supportive individuals will show how little it takes to make a huge difference and continue ALS in the Heartland’s goal of “Support for Today. Hope for the Future.”

January 2012 – Meet Andrew

Now, I’m sure it can seem a bit biased that our agency’s first nominee is the eight-year old son of the Patient Services Director, Sabrina Schalley.  But, here’s why the team decided to share Andrew’s story.  Every day since August 2010, Andrew has worn his ALS in the Heartland wristband.  Every morning after he gets dressed, he makes sure that the wristband is showing and that it’s on correctly (not that it ever comes off – he swims, showers, and sleeps in it too).  And, every time Andrew is asked what his bracelet is for, he says “For people with ALS.  We need to find a cure.  My mommy works there.”  It sounds so simple and pure– a 2nd grader’s interpretation of what is needed and who needs it – however, it is absolutely correct.  We do need a cure for people with ALS.  And, the fact that Andrew has told these same simple sentences to over 100 people (teachers, swim coaches, childcare providers, neighbors, Cub Scout friends, strangers in line at the grocery store) makes a difference and makes him January’s ALS Advocate of the Month.